Whether purchasing or selling a residential property, make sure that your settlement runs smoothly by selecting one of the leading online settlement agents in Perth.

What is a PEXA settlement?

Property Exchange Australia or PEXA, is an online property settlement tool used to improve accuracy and ensure your Perth settlement is compliant. With this tool, we can process fast settlements without needing buyers and sellers to physically attend a settlement. Saving you time and money.

All settlement payments between the buyer and seller can be done electronically with PEXA, eliminating the requirement to prepare cheques and transfer documentation. It also means that your settlement will be completed on time, removing the stress of possibly missing out on a property sale.

Why use a Perth PEXA settlement agent?

PEXA makes the experience of settling easier for you, whether you are purchasing or selling a property. It is faster, more efficient, and more convenient, so you can sell your property on time or you can be assured that you can get the keys and move in as planned.

Processing online settlements using PEXA reduces the likelihood of human error. It provides sellers with their funds quickly and buyers get their names on the title almost immediately.

Some of the other key benefits include:

  • Simple Process – there is no longer a need to obtain and sign a paper transfer document or bank cheques.
  • Certainty – PEXA is the only process, paper or electronic, that provides sellers with protection against fraud.
  • Peace of Mind – sale proceeds are securely transferred digitally as cleared funds.

Using a settlement agent based in Perth means that you benefit from learned experience and knowledge of the state’s appropriate and necessary Land Registry documents, providing greater efficiency and assurance.

How do I get the fastest Perth settlement?

A settlement processed online using PEXA is hands-down the fastest and most efficient form of settlement.

As with all online service transactions, there are some clear time benefits to having your settlement completed digitally:

  • As the Buyer; the property is transferred into your name within 24 hours, and all documents are registered online prior to the settlement being completed.
  • As the Seller; the settlement will be completed on time (without postal delays), with funds being cleared immediately.
  • As either Buyer or Seller; a reduction in fees that would have otherwise been charged for meetings, in-person signings, and back cheques

Make sure that yours runs smoothly by selecting one of the leading settlement agents in Perth. As an accredited agent with PEXA, Strategic Settlements are experienced with online settlement and has an on-time guarantee, ensuring that you find your experience both simple and efficient.

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Is there a flat rate PEXA settlement fee?

PEXA Settlement fees and quotes can vary between settlement agents, as there are no industry standard rates for settlements in Western Australia. Strategic Settlements offers cheap Perth settlement fees with a flat rate and a guarantee to beat any comparable price. This flat rate includes the fee charged by PEXA and excludes the standard government charges that also apply to Perth property transactions.

To understand exactly what these costs are, let’s begin the process and with some basic details, we will be able to provide you with a list of all expected costs to help you with budgeting.

PEXA Settlement Process

When using PEXA to process your settlement, everything will be managed by your settlement agent, but you may want to understand what services the fee charged by PEXA covers. These services differ depending on the type of transaction and include:

  • Pre-population of Land Registry data.
  • Lodgement verification checks.
  • Title Activity Checks.
  • Lodgement gap cover.
  • Electronic disbursement of cleared funds through to nominated accounts.
  • Electronic settlement booking.
  • Document creation and lodgement with the Land Registry in real-time.
  • Secure digital signature technology.
  • Stamp duty verification with the duty authority.

To take the guesswork out of the process and to help you with your next settlement, lean on the Strategic Settlements team for the cheapest settlement in Perth, with an on-time guarantee.

Why choose Strategic Settlements?

Both buyers and sellers are advised to take the time to discuss their requirements with their Perth settlement agent. Communication is a significant factor in evaluating your service, so be sure to check previous client testimonials for their thoughts on the service they received.

When choosing a settlement agent, nominate a qualified and experienced settlement agency, as they will have the most knowledge of the Perth property transfer requirements and easily be able to work with the appropriate platforms and financial institutions on your behalf.

By using a qualified and highly experienced settlement agency, you will have peace of mind that your property purchase or sale is 100% legal and there are no loose ends to worry about. Choose the Perth settlement agent that strives to be the most affordable, with on-time and quality guarantees to ensure expectations are exceeded.

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Whether buying or selling a property in Perth, we deliver easy and fast settlements, at the lowest price guaranteed. If you are seeking a qualified and experienced Settlement Agent in Perth, backed by a renowned property team, contact Strategic Property Settlements today.

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